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End the confusion about protein supplements and meal replacement products once and for all. This free report gives you an ingredient breakdown for 24 different protein powders on the market, and guides you towards making an informed decision.

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Women’s bodies have special needs

As we mature, we want to ensure that we are consuming the proper nutrition to keep healthy, active and full of vitality. If you are following good anti-aging practices, you probably know that a crucial component of a healthy diet is protein, especially proteins that contain the essential amino acids. Unlike fat, the body does not store these important amino acids. They must be replenished every day.

Why you need specific proteins to stave off premature ageing
Many women choose to supplement their diets with protein powders to replace the amino acids their bodies need. But are you getting the right kind of protein? Are you getting the proper amount? Did you know that taking too much of the wrong kind of protein supplement can be worse than taking none at all?
Did You Know…?

There are different types of protein that alleviate symptoms of menopause, help diabetics regulate blood sugar, boost metabolism for weight loss, aid digestion, support cellular repair, promote collagen and elastin for youthful skin, and thwart age-related and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

What proteins are especially needed by women over 35 to build lean muscle and lose weight?

How to Choose the Right Protein Powder gives you unbiased, accurate information to let you cut through the hype and sales pitches and learn exactly what protein supplement is right for your individual needs.

It’s a no-nonsense guide to 24 different protein products on the market, compiled by leading experts in endocrinology, nutrition, anti-ageing, sports medicine and exercise, and will answer questions such as:

• What is the best protein for weight loss?

• What kinds of additives should you avoid?

• How and what kind of processing affects a supplement’s safety and effectiveness?

• What are the best choices for women over 35?

• What amino acids are contained in different products?

Make an Informed Decision about Your Protein Supplements and Meal Replacement Products

With so many ridiculous claims and products on the market, wouldn’t it be great to have an unbiased reference guide like “How to Choose the Right Protein Powder” from a trusted source and not a retail web site?

Confused About Protein Supplements?
- Get Your Free Report -
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